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Scalp Micropigmentation in Revere

Overcome Hair Loss

If you are losing your hair, then you can request scalp micropigmentation in Revere from our Babe & Beau Spa expert aestheticians. The process of having micropigmentation at Babe & Beau is similar to receiving a tattoo on the scalp, but it is designed to make your head look as if it has more hair. While you can inject pigments on the scalp to make it seem as if there is hair in bald areas, it is possible to have a full-scalp procedure to cover the entire head. This process is appropriate for men or women who have lost their hair from a medical condition or due to the natural aging process.

Request a Scalp Tattoo

Scalp micropigmentation is considered a cosmetic  procedure because it is designed for making you more attractive. To achieve the right look, the aesthetician must understand how to work as an artist to create a tattoo style that will look like a buzz cut hairstyle. If too much ink is used, then the procedure will look fake and unattractive. Full-head micropigmentation is a process that is typically requested by men. The inks used for scalp tattoos are less likely to fade over several years, and the inks are not injected as deep into the skin.
Micropigmentation at Babe & Beau Spa is only offered by a few experts because it requires having specialized equipment. Each client requires a customized approach to have a tattoo on the scalp so that it looks natural and heals properly. It is essential for our team to understand a client’s anatomy and medical condition to perform scalp micropigmentation correctly.
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