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Skin damage in the form of brown spots is a common sign of premature aging. Unfortunately, over-the-counter skincare products are often ineffective at reducing this type of skin discoloration; however, an IPL photofacial at Babe & Beau Spa in Revere can effectively help reduce the appearance of brown spots, discoloration and other skin conditions.
IPL photofacials work by delivering light through several layers of skin, targetting dark pigment beneath the skin’s surface to decrease discoloration without damaging any surrounding tissue. This type of treatment is even effective against spider veins and port-wine stains.
Babe & Beau Spa customers will enjoy the following benefits of IPL photofacials: 
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • No downtime
  • Quick treatment time (15-20 minutes)
  • Noticeable results 

Our experts use the Venus Versa technology to provide patients with optimal results. Due to the fact that this device is fully customizable, our team is able to adjust its settings to suit each patient’s skin type. Furthermore, the Venus Versa is equipped with a cooling system and added safety features to keep patients comfortable during each session.


Q: How many treatments will I need to see results?

A: This will depend on each patient and on the area being treated, but patients typically require 4-5 treatments per area.

Q: How often should I come in for treatment?

A: Treatments are spaced three weeks apart.

Q: Can I come in for treatment during my lunch break?

A: Yes. Treatments usually only last 15-20 minutes.

Our team consists of dedicated, licensed professionals that are committed to helping patients achieve visible results. If you are interested in IPL photofacial in Revere, call us today to schedule an appointment. You can also fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

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