Eyelash Extension & Care

Eyelash Extension & Care in Revere

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty services trending right now. If you are looking for lush, natural looking lashes to take your look to the next level, let our experts at Skin Med Spa craft your perfect lash look!

Eyelash extensions last a whole natural eyelash growth cycle-about six to eight weeks and are sure to cut your makeup routine in half. For our eyelash extensions, an expert will work with you to get to know the look that you are interested in, whether it be natural, cat-eye, or wispy.

The whole process takes about two hours and involves adhering the false lashes professionally with a specially-formulated semi-permanent glue. Lashes are made of different materials such as synthetic, mink, and silk. Lashes can also be curled a variety of ways.

Our stylists will work with you to craft your desired look!

Eye Lash Care

After receiving your gorgeous new lashes, it is important to care for them to help them last. Refrain from getting them wet for 24-48 hours. The less the lash extensions come in contact with water, the longer they will last. It is also recommended that they be brushed following the procedure every couple of days to prevent clumping and keep them looking beautiful and fresh. Even though they will look fabulous, you don’t want to tug at them or mess with them, as this will prevent them from looking their best.
If you are looking for eyelash extensions in Revere and are ready to amp up your look and add volume and definition to your lashes, give us a call to learn more today!

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