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Dermaplaning in Revere

Cleansers and Makeup Not Sitting Right?

You likely follow a regimented makeup and cleansing routine. After all, you know what looks good on your skin. However, as of late, you’ve noticed that the makeup tends to smear more easily or just doesn’t settle on your skin as well. Perhaps you found that your skin even becomes shiny quickly or looks patchy in certain areas. When you attempt to clean your face, maybe you still notice stubborn blackheads or dry skin that just won’t wash clean. The problem you’re facing could be an accumulation of dead skin cells clogging your skin. Instead of undergoing surgery or having some crazy treatment performed that requires a lot of time and recovery, you may want to consider the easy treatment known as dermaplaning instead. 

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning in Revere is a treatment that is quite easy in scope. Essentially, our staff will take a 10-gauge scalpel and carefully scrape off the dead skin cells that haven’t quite washed off your skin. This is an effective method to get to the pores with ease and can make cleansing your skin a lot easier and far more effective. Those creams no longer have to try and make it through the layer of dead skin on your face. Instead, it can easily access your pores directly. Dermaplaning in Revere also comes with the added benefit of removing that pesky peach fuzz that many women can’t stand to have on their face. 

Dermaplaning is so simple and effective that many actresses and models use the procedure. This is because it helps their makeup settle better on their skin. It also requires zero recovery time. There are clearly many benefits of dermaplaning treatments in Revere. To ensure you have experienced hands performing the treatment, schedule an appointment today.

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